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Mulching Columbia MO

Mulch Columbia MO – To DO or To Hire

Do you have a lot of land that you need cleared?  Has this lot become overgrown and a huge eye sore for all that gaze upon it?  Well why not turn that eyesore into piles of delicious mulch.  Our mulching service in the Columbia, MO area is just what the doctor ordered for your overgrown plot of land.  Our mulching process involves clearing your land of unwanted trees, shrubs, and whatever other earthy growth you have been presented with.  We then turn these invasive beauties into fresh, earth loving mulch for you to use however you please.  Mulch is great to use in many different areas of landscaping and we can help you decide the  best way to use your newfound wealth of mulch.  Call us today to ask about our mulching service in the Columbia and all surrounding area.  Mother earth will thank you.

Need help with your new piles of fresh mulch?  Keep on reading below to see how we can help you at Columbia Tree Co.  Our mulch experts can do all the work for you!

We all love the sight of trees in our neighborhood and community. There’s nothing more pleasing to the eyes than the co-existence of society and nature. This is a picturesque case of the importance of planting trees in our land, for not only does it conserve nature, but it also gives your backyard artistic appeal. Whether you do it for the aesthetics, shade, or being a hero for Mother Nature, we can always appreciate the presence of a tree we planted and taken care of.


The arborists of Columbia Tree Co would like to educate all tree-owners and aspiring tree-owners out there about tree planting, particularly in using tree mulch.


First off, what is tree mulch?


It is basically material placed above and around the base of a tree whose purpose is to mimic a forest floor, like something to remind the tree of its ancestral home. The mulch that blankets around the tree’s base acts as decomposing organic matter that creates a model environment for the roots to grow. Additionally, tree mulch provides fertility to the soil and structure around the base of the tree. This is especially important for trees located in highly urbanized areas where the soil is commonly infertile and compact.


Mulching a tree, especially a newly planted young trees, is very beneficial to its growth as it:


conserves moisture for the roots;

improves soil integrity;

keeps the soil loose and uncompact;

provides soil insulation; and

stops competition by halting weed growth completely.


Other than the upsides it provides for the tree, there’s also an aesthetic benefit. Who doesn’t like the forest-y look of a tree? Moreover, it gives the landscape a natural vibe to it, giving the atmosphere of real woodland terrain.


Tree mulching is not overly challenging to do either. The essential contents of tree mulch are organic materials such as leaves, peat moss, chipped wood bark, grass clippings, and such other materials, of which acquisition should not prove difficult. Think of it as everything you would find on the forest floor.


To properly lay the mulch, layer it around the tree as much as possible if it is newly planted, keeping it as flat and expansive as possible.


If it is a fully grown tree, mulch outwards preferably until you reach the edge of the tree’s canopy.

The layered mulch should not exceed 4-inchest. Applying over 4-inches may be harmful to the roots as the mulch traps water in them.


Keep the mulch away from the bark of the tree to avoid decay and keep the root flare, or the part of the tree where the base expands outwards, exposed.


Avoid forming a “mulch volcano” or excessive use of mulch around the base as the slope would lead water away from the roots.


And there you have it, pretty much everything you need to know about tree mulching. But, do you have the luxury of time to do it? Or does this upset you to know that there are things to learn in order to to this task?


If yes, then, leave your worries to our tree mulching Columbia MO professionals. Yes! We master our craft.


Columbia Tree Care services believe that it is imperative that everyone should know how to properly take care of a tree, no matter who they are or what their status is. Tree mulching is only one of the many methods of how to take good care of your blossoming tree in its younger, even older, days. If you want to know more on the topic of taking care of trees, you can consult one of our many licensed arborists. We will be glad to show you. Mulching Columbia Mo deserves!

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We had a huge tree removal job. Figured it would definitely take several days to get it taken care of. These folks came out..very polite, professional &did a through just a few hours. We're very impressed& highly recommend these guys.

KIM from her Google Review

Honest, trustworthy and hardworking. I've used this company twice now and I highly recommend them. First they cut down a bunch of trees on my property and just recently they built a fence in my backyard in the middle of winter. This was hard work and covered a large area on the side of a mountain but they got it done fast, for a very good price and it looks great. Very easy to get a hold of them at any time, just a really good company. You won't be disappointed.

TIM from his Google Review

They kept me informed all through the process. They were very professional. Cleaned up everything really well. I would recommend Columbia Tree Care to anyone wanting tree work.

CHARLES from his Google Review

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