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The Best Tree Company in Boone County for Trimming and Removal

We are your commercial and residential tree service experts serving Boone County. We specialize in tree removal and tree care.  Tree Service Columbia deserves!

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At Columbia Tree Co. we offer a comprehensive list of tree services, including:

Tree Trimming | Tree Removal | Residential Tree Service |Emergency Tree Service | Commercial Tree Service | Tree Pruning | Stump Removal | Land Clearing | Tree Mulching | Tree Preservation | Tree Inspection and Diagnosis | Tree Reduction | Crane Service and Aerial Lift | Tree Consulting and Appraisal


 We Care About Trees, We Care About You


 “Time spent amongst trees is never time wasted.”


 Does that sound right?


 If yes, you sure would want your trees being cared for by us, and we have a gift for you below.


 Columbia Tree Co. is a company based in Columbia, Missouri that is concerned with the well-being of every tree near you! We understand the value of maintaining a healthy relationship between society and nature, as well as keeping the welfare and protection of every tree, no matter what condition they’re in. We believe that experience and certification is the best way to not only ensure a quality delivery of service to all our customers, but to effectively provide the safety that the concerned tree needs. And with our team of licensed arborists, you can be 100% sure that we will get the job done without fail.  When looking for an arborist in Columbia, accept no substitute.


Sounds great, but what differentiates us from the likes of other tree services out there?


 Our professional crews are composed of skilled arborists that have pretty much been through every situation. Whether it’s working on a fallen tree that ruined your beautiful roof tiles, or fighting through the worst of what Mother Nature has to throw at you, you can rest assured that your home or business is in safe hands when you work with us. But experience is not the only thing in our arsenal, no! Our work can be very tricky without the proper set of expertise and we face precarious problems every day, definitely not in the line for amateurs. So if it’s experts you need, then it’s experts you’ll get. Tree Care Columbia MO offers the handiwork of professionals of the field to provide you high-quality tree service every single time in any given day. So if your neighbor with an axe insists on a bit of tree trimming on that overgrown tree of yours, turn him down. Give us a call instead!


 Cool, but what exactly are these services that our company offers?


 Columbia Tree Care offers a variety of tree services. Whether you want to trim your tree, prune it, or remove it entirely, there is not a tree too big that we cannot handle.


We Trim Trees!


 We’ve all been there before. The trees in our backyard get too big and ugly, casting a dark shadow in a major part of your yard, and they become so unaesthetic. But it can be difficult to judge whether or not your tree needs a haircut. That’s where we step in. We can size up your tree for you and assess what kind of hairdo it needs because, other than being a creature that requires as much care as all living beings do, a tree is also a work of art. We need to trim them every so often to keep their beauty that strikes the humble passerby’s eye when they run by your yard. So if it is the aesthetic look you’re after, be sure to give us a call. A good-looking tree is a good-looking owner!


 We Prune Them Too!


It may seem counterintuitive to be cutting off the branches of a tree. After all, who would enjoy going through a session of limb chopping? Tree pruning actually has a heavy influence towards the health and lifespan of a tree. Dead branches can be of critical danger to the rest of the living tree as these can be passageways for organisms looking to feast to feast on juicy tree meat to enter. Pruning dead branches gives expansion room for other branches to grow and take over, letting the healthy ones become dominant. This also gives way for more sunlight to find the tree. By removing dense shrubbery, we can maintain the supply of light it needs to flourish. So if you ever want to see your tree happily bathing under the sun without all the unnecessary decay attached to it, you know who to call.


 We Can Also Take Them Away.


 Say you find a reason where you don’t require the many benefits of having a tree in your backyard anymore. Maybe a construction job is ongoing in your area, or you want new, healthier saplings to replace an age-old giant. Well, whatever it is, fear not, because we can take them away! The pros of Tree Care Columbia MO take pride in their ability to reliably remove a tree in any terrain you find their placement inconvenient. So if you ever need a tree removed, whether it is an emergency tree removal or some other imperative reason, we got your back.


 We Can Get Those Pesky Stumps for you.


 When we cut down trees on our own, we often don’t think about the waste of our labor. The stumps left behind by tree cutters can be a pesky problem to the owner of a yard. So if you’re a landowner whose turf is pop-marked with dead tree stumps, then we’re the right business for you! With the help of our state-of-the-art tools and knowledgeable experts, you can say no more to those pesky stumps littered in your land, giving you more yard space for landscaping or planting more trees. Stump removal is a tedious task, and without the proper equipment and help, you won’t be able to deliver a perfect job on your own. So don’t let yourself be stumped by the stumps! If you let us know today, we will be swiftly on our way to dispose of your stump problem.


 Did We Mention Tree Planting?


Tree Care Columbia MO not only delivers services that make your daily life with your trees easier, but also gives instruction on how to properly plant one. Of course, a lot of care and effort must go into growing your own tree. It isn’t as simple as digging a hole, and popping a seed in, oh no. A tree owner must observe good maintenance if he wants his tree to grow big and strong. That being said, we provide you with the latest and up-to-date methods on how to take care of your tree. If you ever need assistance in tree planting and seeing that little sapling blossom into a towering beauty, we are your go-to.


 We Can Strap Down Your Trees Solidly.


 As trees age, they lose their structural integrity and start slipping closer and closer to collapse, or is in danger of tree splitting. A weakened tree can be detrimental to you and your property. Our services offer tree cabling and bracing to support your tree and increase its longevity. We can determine the best type of support your tree requires and you can be confident that it will receive the backing it needs.


 We Can and Will Work in Any Weather!


 We are not known as pros for nothing. Whatever your condition is, we will be there. Our experts have proven themselves capable of withstanding even the windiest of storms, the coldest of winters, and the most scorching of summers just to get to you and deliver top-of-the-line tree care at your doorstep. There is nobody else more competent than our teams. So if you ever find yourself in the middle of a windstorm and that tree outside your porch is swaying way too much for comfort, we’ll be there as quick as the wind!


 And a Lot More!


The aforementioned are only a few of the services we offer, but there are a lot more! If you ever need to ask an Arborist about anything, we got consultation services. Is your tree too close of a proximity to your bedroom window? We got trained professionals that can carry out close quarter removal. We can even protect your tree from lightning! Whatever problem you think you and your tree have, give us a call and we shall be at your service. Tree Care Columbia MO has anything and everything you’ll ever need to keep you and your tree in good shape.


 Ask About Our New Mulching Service




 We Have a Tree Health Care Program!


A lot of people believe that they have what it takes to take care of trees on their own, but that is simply not true. Your tree can easily get sick, even if you give it great care every single day. Our program aims to raise awareness of the necessity of licensed Arborists for the safety and welfare of trees. A common tree owner does not possess the same eyes as that of a trained tree doctor and therefore cannot give the same judgment towards the well-being of a tree. It is vital that caretakers involve Arborists in tending to their trees as these experts in tree biology can and will save their lives. Call an Arborist today and have that beautiful tree in your backyard inspected! You never know what could be lurking under all of that magnificence.

So what are you waiting for? Got a tree that you love with all your heart? Consult our experts today! Do you need any help solving your tree problems? Hit us up and we’ll be there as soon as possible! With Columbia Tree Care Service MO, you can be certain that you will never go wrong. Call us today and let us take care of all your tree needs.  When looking for a tree team in Columbia, look no further.

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We had a huge tree removal job. Figured it would definitely take several days to get it taken care of. These folks came out..very polite, professional &did a through just a few hours. We're very impressed& highly recommend these guys.

KIM from her Google Review

Honest, trustworthy and hardworking. I've used this company twice now and I highly recommend them. First they cut down a bunch of trees on my property and just recently they built a fence in my backyard in the middle of winter. This was hard work and covered a large area on the side of a mountain but they got it done fast, for a very good price and it looks great. Very easy to get a hold of them at any time, just a really good company. You won't be disappointed.

TIM from his Google Review

They kept me informed all through the process. They were very professional. Cleaned up everything really well. I would recommend Columbia Tree Care to anyone wanting tree work.

CHARLES from his Google Review

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